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I am from France, Lived in the US for the most part of my life and lived in China too, I can speak English, French and Chinese Mandarin. I love gaming and playing football or tennis. I also like writing about things i like to practice, like the above.

Energy Experiment – A Little Change

The ‘Energy Experiment’ is still under way, I have not posted for the past two nights for one reason; it will bore you out. Instead of boring you out, I will wait one week at a time and do big … Continue reading

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Day 2 | Energy Experiment

Hello and welcome to day 2 of my energy experiment. Below you can see the graph for today’s compiled data. It’s very different to yesterday’s, which is not surprising seeing as though I didn’t take a nap in the morning, … Continue reading

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Day 1 | Energy Experiment | Introduction

Hello everyone! Today was ‘Day 1’ of my 30 day ‘Energy Experiment’ where I record the percentage of energy that I think I have (how tired or energetic I am) in hopes of noticing trends throughout the day. I’ve omitted … Continue reading

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What You Can Expect In The Coming Weeks – Hiatus = Over

Hello everyone, after a  long hiatus, I am back. It has been roughly one month since my last post, and a very long time since regularly updating Grafitheon. From now on, you can expect some pretty big things to happen here. For … Continue reading

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Remember When Education Was Still About Learning and Self Development? Neither Do I.

My parents once told me something that i’ll never forget; it wasn’t an illuminating conversation by any means, but something in there really struck me as important. So here it goes.

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An Analysis Of Wasted Time

Recently a friend of mine sent me an email with an interesting attachment. The attachment was a screenshot of a portion of an excel document.

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My 3 Biggest Life Lessons

At the time of writing this, I am only 16 years old, which makes me quite young to give life lessons to people potentially years ahead of me in their quest for life. I believe the previous statement is wrong. … Continue reading

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