Energy Experiment – A Little Change

The ‘Energy Experiment’ is still under way, I have not posted for the past two nights for one reason; it will bore you out. Instead of boring you out, I will wait one week at a time and do big updates at the end of each week.

For this week’s update, I have some interesting data to present to you. As predicted, there are already obvious trends in my energy levels throughout the day. Below is the individual compiled charted data for the past 4 days.

Compiled Data For Past 4 Days

Compiled Data For Past 4 Days

Now, obviously external factors such as exercise, naps, and different meals have been different most days, for the exception of meals times, which I consider to be most important. Meal times have been kept constant every day. Starting next week, exercise times will remain constant as well (30 minutes of running each evening) to limit the disturbance of external factors.

Now, I didn’t think the data above provided a good idea of the general trends, so I decided to do an average for the past 4 days with my excel data. Here it is below.

Average past 4 days

Average past 4 days

This is the mean average for the data that I presented first. This is interesting, we can see that there seems to be a correlation between meal times and energy levels, which is well known. This is due to digestion. Notice the lag time in the morning; while I eat at 7:00 AM, the energy doesn’t start to increase until 8:00AM. For lunch time, there seems to be a long digestion inertia which slightly decreases my energy levels for around 3-4 hours. Right about snack time (light meal) there is a slight bump in energy (I ingested no caffeine) followed by a few more bumps, this is strange.

As predicted, shortly after my dinner, energy falls significantly until I am tired enough to sleep (10:00 PM every night).

Now, this is only data for 4 days and is not reliable. Let’s see what next week has in store for us!

Thanks for reading.


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I am from France, Lived in the US for the most part of my life and lived in China too, I can speak English, French and Chinese Mandarin. I love gaming and playing football or tennis. I also like writing about things i like to practice, like the above.
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