You Can

I recently read a book called ‘Drive’ by Daniel H. Pink. It was an interesting book, and it affected me personally and emotionally. The strange thing though is that it didn’t affect me in the way I thought it would have done.

The Moral of the book (from whay I understood) is that intrinsic motivation works, and boosts you, and extrinsic motivation makes your drop dead. That’s not the moral I picked up.

If you think that somehow you are here for something more meaningful and important than whatever you are or are doing now, then keep going.

I often have thoughts like the one above, where I tell myself I am here to do something great, to change the world, to change people’s lives, to inspire, to teach, to make people enjoy, to make people live, and make myself live.

So my life lesson is; wherever you are now, whatever financial situation you find youself in. Whatever your relationship status is. Whatever your emotional state is, there is one thing that you have, and that is control over yourself. If you don’t, well then you belong in a mental institute. And i’m not saying that as an insult to mentally challenged people, i’m saying that as an encouragement to people who are normal and that CAN make a difference.

Now go out there, make yourself yesterday proud, and yourself tomorrow even better than yourself today is.


About rolfmaomachizlin

I am from France, Lived in the US for the most part of my life and lived in China too, I can speak English, French and Chinese Mandarin. I love gaming and playing football or tennis. I also like writing about things i like to practice, like the above.
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