On Justdoitism

How many times have I promised to myself to complete a task on time, to do something for somebody, to accomplish a goal, and never really done it? Many. Many is a word I use to quantify the unquantifiable number of times I have not done what I was meant to do. All because of one shitty word; excuses. Lame, life-eating excuses.

I live on the basis that if you are trying to find ways to become more productive you are actually, in essence, finding excuses for your lack of motivation, perseverance and willpower to do the thing you need to do. All this does is pull you in a vicious cycle of negative energy and failure. Failure to accomplish what you have to accomplish, and wasting time doing useless ‘tasks’.

How come some people seem to never get work done, while others seem to be doing it effortlessly? There must be a trick, you tell yourself again and again. You visit websites, read books, ponder and realize. Nope, no trick. Well actually, thinking about it, there is a trick. That trick lies deep inside you. I call it ‘justdoitism’. No planning required, no THINKING required, no rationalizing required, no motivation required. Everyone has it. Some people apply it for some things, some people never apply it ( I have yet to meet someone like this) and some people attempt to apply it all the time.

1 (usu. Just-do-itism) the act in which a particular person engages in an activity without rational thinking or delaying: He just, did it.

Okay, this isn’t really in the dictionary, but who cares! It should be. Justdoitism is basically the opposite of productivity methods and all sorts of planning. It’s spontaneous and gives instant results ( I never said they were always good). Justoditism is a substitute to willpower and motivation, it is brute force. Face the problem, and punch it in the face. Here is an example where Justdoitism is applied:

Example A: George felt submerged in work, that’s all his life was. Work. George spent his days browsing lifehacking productivity websites in order to magically find the solution to his procrastination problems, not realizing he was the problem and the solution to his problem. George suddenly slapped himself on his right cheek. And then on the left. ‘No more’, he cried, ‘no more!’. Justdoitism had suddenly hit him, in the face, quite literally. George had found the solution.

Quite a dramatic example, but you get the point. So stop reading this, and do your work. Nike had it right.


About rolfmaomachizlin

I am from France, Lived in the US for the most part of my life and lived in China too, I can speak English, French and Chinese Mandarin. I love gaming and playing football or tennis. I also like writing about things i like to practice, like the above.
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