Energy Experiment – A Little Change

The ‘Energy Experiment’ is still under way, I have not posted for the past two nights for one reason; it will bore you out. Instead of boring you out, I will wait one week at a time and do big updates at the end of each week.

For this week’s update, I have some interesting data to present to you. As predicted, there are already obvious trends in my energy levels throughout the day. Below is the individual compiled charted data for the past 4 days.

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Day 2 | Energy Experiment

Hello and welcome to day 2 of my energy experiment. Below you can see the graph for today’s compiled data. It’s very different to yesterday’s, which is not surprising seeing as though I didn’t take a nap in the morning, and did not exercise in the afternoon. Remember, the first couple of days will be boring, only after I can average more data will I be able to show you trends.

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Day 1 | Energy Experiment | Introduction

Hello everyone! Today was ‘Day 1’ of my 30 day ‘Energy Experiment’ where I record the percentage of energy that I think I have (how tired or energetic I am) in hopes of noticing trends throughout the day. I’ve omitted the motivation levels because I realized that they were almost the same all the time and motivation levels were therefore useless.

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What You Can Expect In The Coming Weeks – Hiatus = Over

Hello everyone, after a  long hiatus, I am back. It has been roughly one month since my last post, and a very long time since regularly updating Grafitheon. From now on, you can expect some pretty big things to happen here. For the coming two weeks, here’s what you can expect:

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Remember When Education Was Still About Learning and Self Development? Neither Do I.

My parents once told me something that i’ll never forget; it wasn’t an illuminating conversation by any means, but something in there really struck me as important. So here it goes.

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An Analysis Of Wasted Time

Recently a friend of mine sent me an email with an interesting attachment. The attachment was a screenshot of a portion of an excel document.

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My 3 Biggest Life Lessons

At the time of writing this, I am only 16 years old, which makes me quite young to give life lessons to people potentially years ahead of me in their quest for life.

I believe the previous statement is wrong. It is wrong for various reaons; 16 years ( minus 10 where I was still pretty much a baby) is quite a long time. I have lived in 3 different countries for over 3 years each. I have visited more than 15 different other countries. The list could go on but it’s not worth it. What i’m here to tell you is that I have 3 life lessons, these 3 messages I need to pass through. So here we go. The real deal is I don’t really know how to go about writing introductions.

Life Lesson 1: Deal With What Nature Gave You

I was born with a pretty long nose. It’s not abnormally long, but it’s long enough to be noticed, and it has become a prominent feature of my face. I have been called things such as: ” Fish face ( one of my teachers actually called me that)”, ” Vulture”, ” Jew nose”, and various other atrocities like that. At first it really hurt me. How could people be so atrociously evil? “I never did anything mean to those people! Why are they calling me this?”. “Is my nose actually that big?”. ” I want to kill myself”. That last quotation is when I realized something was massively wrong. Not in the sense that it was wrong that I wanted to kill myself, but in the sense that I was letting people dictate my mood. They were controlling me, and they were pretty good at it.

“Enough!” I exclaimed. My nose is my nose, I can’t change it, so why bother? I let the agressors continue with their sometimes daily ritual. In the end, they stopped. Why did they stop? You might ask. I had stopped caring. I had the ” I don’t give a F***” attitude, and it was written all over my long nose. Some insults persisted, and they made me stronger. I realized that there was only one thing people can change, and that is their personality. The rest, you are born with.

Life lesson number one, you are born, you look like this, you will always look like this, deal with it. If anything, use it to your advantage. Nicolas Sarkozy has pretty much the same nose as me, and look who he is married too. You think your appearance matters? Neither do I.

Life Lesson 2: Accept and Respect The choices and your past self made

In my short existence, I have made some pretty bad choices. Most of which I regretted at some point or another. My first bad choice was to not care for my education until I was 15. I failed, and failed pretty badly. My second bad choice was to not take my tennis lessons seriously until I turned 16. I stagnated for 6 years and didn’t improve. I can only imagine the level my tennis would be at if I had cared about my tennis lessons since I was 10.

All these choices were made by me in a present which my current self calls the past. I am here right now, making choices. Will my future self approve of the choices I make now? The person making choices now is almost no different from the person who made choices 10 years ago.

Do you respect yourself now? You better. Do you accept the choices you just made. When you slacked off this afternoon ( apologies if you didn’t) did you accept that choice?

When reflecting back on yourself, always remember that you were once doing that action. From now on, before acting on something ( obviously making coffee instead of tea is of trivial value), think about what your future self would think. Would he be okay with this?

Life Lesson 3: Make the same mistakes again and again, until you don’t

I have made countless mistakes. Most of them related to my education. All these days I chose to slack off instead of doing my work, those were the mistakes I did. I made that mistake a very big amount of times. Until I didn’t. I made that mistake more than two times. Don’t be afraid of failing, and failing, and failing a little bit more. The truth is, no one cares. No one will see you tumble down to the floor. Although chances are people might just see you get up.

My tip to you is: Make mistakes, make them again and again. Doing the same mistake again means you are not ready to not make it, so make mistakes! Once you stop making that mistake though, never make it again.

I hope these 3 life lessons stimulated you in some way, I now have to go to my tennis lesson, which I take much more seriously now. 🙂 I’m actually quite good at conclusions.

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